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Mi roars

 Happy Vamps Hunt


"Mirror mirror on the wall..."  (why am I reading this story again?)
Povesti cu vampiri, catei, oameni-pisici, lupte imaginare cu monstri inventati... e o lume a unor copii speriati ce vor la randul lor sa sperie.
On the window glass the flight of a pigeon reflects clearly; the rest of the set looks like the illusion of the environments'reflection. Still air... cold and still. 
"Oh dear "mirror" on the.../ fading wall? in my imagination. \ who's the most beautiful of them all? "
"- I think that one, on the left! /left of my view or ... of the reflections left? \ But if I look at it from here, turning my back at it and observing it in reverse it's no longer the one in the left, is it?"
The tale continued
Continuam sa rescriu o poveste in capul meu; povestea nu mai avea decat franturi din original... devenea din ce in ce "mai altfel"... cu fiecare incercare de rescriere.
 "And the tale was written differently for the next try"

(...do re mi...)

"No more fear!" (and the children are happy again)

(...do mi sol...)

 Another play to learn and play, said the child and grabbed the script! (this is the short-story of the artist "a child" playing a lifetime of characters).

(... mi la do...)

She got some great parts there: the best to be performed. 
The script writer and the director  were so happy to finally have such a good actress...

"Are you sure you want to perform this play? There's this other one I haven't quite finish to write... it's coming soon."


She imagined a beautiful bright future ahead. For everyone. (crazy laughter in the backgrounds of the stage; that was ok because some part of her spirit already knew: the very bright future ...- will  on wheel of will - ... is to come with us all when we learn to accept ... ourselves and each other). 


Easy to play it, hard to live it.   This "script writer" got tired; it was hard enough.

(... do si la...)
(..sol fa...)



...S-a ridicat  de la masa si a plecat...

Avea nevoie de o vacanta, sa se plimbe putin pe unde doar si-au imaginat altii ca ar putea ajunge. 

A real vacation
a long time
in this: office.

...Imaginatia unui bine atunci cand e mai putin bine...


"And they lived happily ever after"


They stood at this table having a cup of tea, watching the surroundings: - what beautiful napkins!

- I like this table ring.
- What table ring?
- They all watched the table... but where was that ring?

Around the table top was this beautiful embroidery made of God knows what! a very special embroidery that was.


Tired of playing all these parts she went back to her  "old" real love.

                                                                    - ... -

- Hello!
- Oh, God you scared me!
- How are we today? 
- We're fine, thank you!

A moment of truth in a memory; (sweet smile on these lips)

I'll go wo(a)nder on some people and be a wander myself. 

- ... -

They were sitting at a table having drinks and telling stories, laughing, playing games, joking ... would you join them?

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